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TruckXel has been helping owner-operators & trucking fleets operating across North America with back-office operations for over a decade. We have helped thousands of drivers improve their workflows & save time so they can focus on what really matters: running a successful fleet business. One that delivers superior customer experiences and inspires drivers, owners, and managers to do what they do best: move freight.

Our Services

We handle your back office so you can focus on what you do best. Get on the fast track now!

24/7 Dispatch Service

This includes finding the top paying loads, conducting credit checks, negotiating rates, and handling all emails, contracts, and billing.

Accounting Services

Our accounting staff takes care of all the needs, including broker installations, carrier packets, and other paperwork-related tasks.


Most brokers take 25-60 days to pay, Our factoring services not only guarantee on-time freight bill payments in exchange for a percentage but also assist you in obtaining fuel cards and cash for on-road costs.

Invoicing & Billing

Stop Chasing Brokers & Shippers for Payments, To ensure that you receive timely payments for your cargoes, we send your invoices to your factoring business if opted.

Why Choose TruckXel

TruckXel is a unique company in that we are available to work 24/7 within our dispatch centers. Your dispatch team will have access to loads, vehicle specs, and pricing information within seconds! There is no better way to find the best paying loads than with our dedicated techs who scour multiple high-end load boards daily. We are here for you and there will be no one else at your side!

Dedicated Dispatcher

Rate Negotiation

No Forced Dispatch

24/7 Operations

Paperwork Setup


We Specialize in

We Dispatch Almost all Type of Trucks


Dry Van / Reefer


Box Truck

Step Deck

Power Only

Some numbers

Helping Owner Operators Elevate to Next Level


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Owner Operators

Questions? We Got The Answers!

If I Already Have A Dispatcher, What Then?

No Worries! We are independent dispatchers which means there is no commitment. Give us a call if you’re having trouble finding the perfect load and need to move.

What do you need from me so we can get to work?

You must provide us with three items: a copy of your insurance proof, your W-9, and your MC authority document.

If I'm new to the industry, will you still work with me?

Absolutely. We enjoy assisting truckers and carriers at every stage of their work life. Simply put, we are looking for motivated, diligent drivers. Since most shippers and brokers prefer carriers with MC authorities older than six to a year, it may initially be more difficult for us to find you the best loads if you are a new carrier. You can be sure, though, that TruckXel will exert every effort to increase your first-year earnings. Access to better rates and loads will become even simpler once you reach the one-year mark.

Do I need to have my own MC authority to hire TruckXel?

We work with owners/operators working under their own MC authorities — but we do also with carriers with company drivers.

Can I decline a load?

It’s not necessary for you to accept every load that is presented. We make every effort to locate loads that meet your needs, but you have the option to reject any that you don’t want. To save time and hassle for everyone, we kindly ask that you specify your needs and express them to our dispatchers.

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